Arctic Circle Santa Visit

Arctic Circle Santa Visit

Duration: 8 hours / Difficulty: Easy

We will meet you in front of your hotel in the morning around 9am. The ride to Santa’s Village will take about two hours depending on weather conditions. We may take a short brake in the middle of our trip in a local cafeteria to stretch our legs.
When we reach our destination there will be a lot to do and experience. Santa’s village has 2 Husky parks, an Ice Carting ring, a Reindeer park, a snowmobile center, various shops and souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, etc. As we reach our destination we will have a chance to try out the Husky ride in one of the parks. After that you will have about two hours to try out other activities (additional fees apply), visit Santa’s Post Office, send a letter to Santa for next year and visit the shops!

After some time we will get together in front of Santa's House and make our way to meet Santa Claus himself! Learning a song, a dance, a magic trick or a poem and presenting it to Santa is always a good idea and keeps you in a "good children" - list for sure! 

After three hours from arrival we will have buffet lunch before heading back to Levi. This trip is a must for all the families and children!
Since the area is big we will stay in the park for three hours. We will have a nice buffet lunch in a local restaurant before heading back to Levi. After the trip we will take you back to your hotel. Join the adventure!

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