Bog hikes for nature lovers

Bog hikes for nature lovers

Duration: 6 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

Did you know what Finns call their own country in Finnish? “Suomi”, i.e. my bog, my wetland. This is your chance to experience some of the most beautiful views and interesting fragrances on foot with a guide in very unique environment. Those who have tried have never regretted although people might need to step out of their comfort zone slightly. Quite refreshing for hikers who have never done this before. Rubber boots are a must for the trip as there are no duckboards and the route runs through mainly private land which is especially rich in water birds. 

We will learn how to walk in the bog and later have a break at our hunting hut which is literally in the middle of nowhere. The trip will last more than half a day, but who would rush back from such a retreat place. The trip will look short on the map, but will feel like 10 km because we have to select the route carefully. Other shorter, less demanding trips are also possible. You can admire the beauty of the wilderness from June to September.

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