Feeding reindeer and visiting a reindeer corral

Feeding reindeer and visiting a reindeer corral

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Easy

If you visit Levi between October and November, there is most likely not enough snow to organize reindeer rides. If you would still like to meet the animals and our trained pulling reindeer have already returned from their summer pastures, you can come and assist us when feeding them with help of a quad bike or snowmobile. Seeing many people would frighten them, that is why only small amount of people come join us. On the way to our enclosure, which is some 60 km from Levi, we can stop at a traditional corral fence and talk about reindeer and their life round the year. You can ask questions related to reindeer herding to understand the local cultural. 

When we get to our enclosure you can take photos and videos of the reindeer while we feed them. During trip we will find some time to have a break and eat sandwiches, pies and enjoy some hot drinks. You will be given a small present to remind you of the experience.

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