Barrel sauna – relax in the middle of the Lappish nature

Barrel sauna – relax in the middle of the Lappish nature

Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

Experience the Finnish sauna with a twist: it’s a gigantic barrel with a traditional wood-heated stove. Our guide will tell you about the importance of the sauna in the Finnish culture and explains also the sauna procedure so you know what to do in the sauna. The barrel sauna is located on our horse- and husky farm and it’s surrounded by Lappish pine forest. When you open the sauna door you can see directly to the night sky and maybe some twinkling stars and even the glowing Northern lights. After the sauna you can enjoy a night snack beside an open fire inside a kammi building. You can also relax in a hammock outside the kammi and stare to the night sky; there’s no better position of looking at the arctic sky!

Please note, no guarantee of seeing the Northern lights

Group size: max. 10 people and sauna itself is good for two at the same time

Duration: about 3 hours, depending how long you wish to enjoy the experience

Operated: every day on request

Price: 250 €/group (max 10 people, sauna itself can fit two at the same time) 

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