Mountain biking day from Ylläs to Levi in the national park by E-bikes

Mountain biking day from Ylläs to Levi in the national park by E-bikes

Duration: 8 hours / Difficulty: Challenging

On this excursion you will see the Pallas-Ylläs national park from a close distance. You will drive the best biking trails of Lapland and enjoy the scenery in the beautiful wilderness.

The excursion takes you from Ylläs to Levi. We will drive about 50 km through the forests, swamps, lakes and fells of western Lapland. The distance is long but by electronic mountain bikes it is accessible for anyone with a normal conditioning. But you need some experience of mountain biking because the trails are challenging at some points. There is a lot of balancing over the rocks and muddy waters.

We will start the day with a transportation from Levi to Ylläs by a minibus. The drive takes almost one hour and along the way you can admire the surrounding national park and its mighty fells.

We head to the biking trails from Ylläs and start our journey towards Levi. The landscape and nature on the way is diverse. We drive on the shores of lakes, on the slopes of the fells, in the vast swamp areas, in a rocky valleys and old forests. The trail is versatile as well. Some parts are fast and smooth, others are slower and filled with rocks and roots

On the way we will have break at wilderness hut. We will have a nice lunch around a campfire including grilled steak from beef sirloin for example. We can make a fresh outdoor style coffee on an open fire, it will give you an energy boost to finish the excursion! A coffee break by the lake in the national park´s silence in the is one of the highlights of the tour.

Our tours are made in a small group guided by an experienced native wilderness guide, Jukka. He can take pictures from your excursion and send them to your email.

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