Aurora hunting by car - 2 hours

Aurora hunting by car - 2 hours

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

Feel the anticipation of experiencing the northern lights in a pitch black night with Juki Tours. If you want to make your chance of seeing the auroras as high as possible, this is your tour.

You can book this tour for a certain date, but we can change the date later if the weather seems bad for seeing the northern lights. This is a part of our top quality service as we don´t want to take the people into a snowstorm. We cannot guarantee that you will see the northern lights, but we will do everything we can to find them for you. 

The tour is customized by an experienced local guide Jukka, who knows the best locations to spot the northern lights on any particular night. Our aurora hunting destinations are chosen according to the weather forecast. 

The guide Jukka, will take photos of the Auroras on the tour and he will send you the pictures. You will get memories even if you don´t have your own camera with you!

The tour includes:

2 hours of aurora hunting

Transportation by a minibus

Experienced English speaking guide, Jukka

Pictures of Auroras taken on the tour

Warm drink and a fresh sandwich


90€ / adult

70€ / child under 12 years old

Meeting time 9.00 PM

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