Explore Elves Hideway - Hidden Huts by your own

Explore Elves Hideway - Hidden Huts by your own

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Available 12.06.2020 - 30.09.2020 and 1.11.2020 - 30.4.2021 

Daily between 10 - 16.00

An independent tour around Experience Village. You will get a secret map that will lead you through a magic forest to the most secret place of the elves, the Hidden Huts. You may admire special buildings from outside like Seita Stone, a gingerbread house, elves school and the house of the Wise man as well as lovely little barns of elves. Meet also the farm animals.  

Wear proper shoes and clothes since the walk through the forest is about 700m.

Duration 2 hours 

SUMMER DISCOUNT 1.7.- 31.8.2020: 10 € / adult, 5 € / child (3-12v), free under 3 years !!!!

Entrance fee: 18 € / aikuinen, 13 € / lapsi (3-12v), free under 3 years

Be aware that you are not allowed to go into the buildings on this independent tour!

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