Day trip to Skierri and Kautokeino

Day trip to Skierri and Kautokeino

Duration: 1 day / Difficulty: Easy

In Hetta we will have a break at Skierr Nature Centre before continuing North towards Sámi centre Kautokeino.

We will see skilled silversmiths working at Juhls Silver Gallery and have a tour around the centre of Kautokeino to see if we can find something to take home. Norwegian woollen sweaters and cardigans are popular souvenirs.

We will return to Hetta for lunch and head back to Levi via Sonkamuotka where we visit Arctic Knife souvenir shop for coffee and to have a look at Lappish handicraft. We will return to Levi in the evening and with a bit of luck we might see the Northern Lights.

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